Our Services



Corral cleaning and manure spreading along with management of manure waste from CAFOs in the Central Alberta region.  If it suits the operation and long-term goals, we’ll turn organic wastes into nutrient-dense compost through various inputs, feedstock and management practices.  Learn more about this process here.

We provide the experience, specialized equipment and solutions necessary to turn waste into some of the best food for your soil.

Farmers invest great energy and time perfecting the right recipes for livestock, so spending time and energy on feeding the trillions of microbial ‘livestock’ in the soil has big benefits as well.



We have the right specialized equipment for proper and metered application of various manures, compost, lime and ash.

Are you having regulatory issues involving odors, neighbours, or improper spreading practices?  Let EAS manage it for you.

Are you spending big costs trucking your bulky and/or slop manure waste dozens of miles to another field to apply it?  Let EAS manage it for you. 

We’ll work with you in defining goals, strengths, weaknesses and potential issues in determining the level of service we provide to you.



We’ll work with agronomists and soil health experts – yours or ours – in generating a long-term plan to elevate your soil health through compost ‘recipes’ specific to your soil, or individual field or plot nutrient needs.  

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