What IS compost?

Many folks incorrectly call all sorts of raw organic wastes compost.  Compost can be made from anything organic – if it once lived, it can be turned into compost – true, but it is not the raw material itself.  Compost is the final product of a properly managed thermophilic process through which microorganisms break down organic materials.  The key word here is managed – precise monitoring of the organic piles or “windrows” is necessary in choosing when to turn and what supplementary materials to add in aiding with the thermophilic breakdown process.  Moving the pile with a loader or dozer once or twice when convenient will not effectively make compost – on the contrary sometimes.  Poorly managed manure stock piles can lead to anaerobic conditions and then the generation of bad bacteria which can be harmful to your soil.

A well-managed composting process requires plenty of oxygenation and will go through many high-heat phases that accelerates the biological breakdown of organic materials.  Through this well-managed process, weed seeds and potentially harmful pathogens are eliminated.

CAFOs already generate mountains of organic nutrients and the conditions to make compost already exist in nature.

We are not reinventing the wheel; we are merely providing the means for farmers to capture the opportunity to elevate their own resources for a multitude of operational and soil health benefits.

Important note is the type of nitrogen found in compost – organic N – is not the same as the nitrogen in synthetic fertilizers – inorganic N.

How we turn your manure into compost:

It’s our secret.  Joking.. nature provides the means for biological breakdown of organic materials for a very very long time..

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