Brian Wonnacott

Growing up in Southern Ontario with various farming experiences ranging feedlot, equine, agroforestry and cash cropping operations, Brian nurtured a keen interest and respect for using natures resources effectively and economically. Brian isn’t so much as cheap, he’s frugal…. He has developed a very real person issue with waste in his life; he thinks of waste as a product with an undiscovered use. It’s so much of a passion he has a reputation for eating anything past it’s ‘expiry date’ to prevent it from being thrown out.. he’s basically a human composter, only compost smells much better than the methane coming out of Brian…

Professionally speaking, sales and business development experience combined with worldwide travel expanded Brian’s outlook and interest for finding solutions for scalable waste problems. Thus, Elevate Ag Services was born.

Brian brings his passion for compost and soil health with business development experience to the EAS team.

Tyler Spargo

Tyler grew up dreaming about feedlot manure (seriously). He purchased his first manure spreading truck when he was just 19 years old for $10,000! It was a piece of manure itself but that first truck started the journey of agricultural waste management solutions. He now has over 25 years of experience under his belt.

In that time he has trucked everything from lumber to livestock all across Alberta, but his favourite payload has always been manure. Tyler brings the equipment experience along with field, ag operations and logistics experience working with farmers for most of his life to the EAS team.


Riley Van Brabant

Riley graduated from Lakeland College with a Diploma in Environmental Sciences: Reclamation and Conservation in 2017 and is currently in the process of completing his Bachelor of Applied Sciences: Environmental Management from Lakeland College.

He has an extensive background in equipment operations, logistics and organics management. Riley has a strong interest in soil health and is an integral part of quality control with our organics management and other soil health matters.

During his time off, Riley loves spending time at his farm near Morinville, Alberta and getting to the lake every chance he gets.

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